ASUS adds order components ZenFone

ASUS adds order components ZenFone – During this ASUS ZenFone constrained in supply in the market for. But it seems the same incident does not happen again want to ZenFone which where very large demand in China and the countries of the SEA (South East Asia).

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But for now ASUS has added orders ZenFone quota and capacity components to meet the market demand, especially China and SEA countries. ZenFone empty in the market occurred because of demand in China is exceeding the limit of the initial quota made ​​by ASUS for the country, so most of ZenFone switch to China.

In order meet demand for the next shipment, ASUS lowers production capacity for other ASUS products such as Notebook, Mainboard, Tablets and diverted fully to produce ZenFone. ASUS expects 10 million units to could meet demand ZenFone in 2014 to China and SEA (South East Asia).

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