[Root] Asus Zenfone Read USB Flash Drive

Asus Zenfone fact used to support OTG, but the board may be out of frustration Zenfone cost considerations, or upper implementations need some more time, so little to pull a few lines (presumably) so that the device can not be powered on external USB, cause can not read flash drive (up to people who want to function) is not here to talk about the principles and application of OTG directly view how to let Zenfone can read flash drive.

  1. First, the phone was root, and install the tools, I recommend using StickMount
  2. There again you have to buy  USB OTG with an extra cable connector attached, like this:
  3. first open StickMount, insert the flash drive click Mount
  4. Then open the file manager, find usbStorage, points into’ll see sd? 1, which is the flash drive data
  5. Remember to run Unmount
[Root] Asus Zenfone Read USB Flash Drive | admin | 4.5
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