Zenfone 5 Install international WW ROM





  • If your CN firmware abovet he V1.14.40.50, then you must first downgrade to v, but if your firmware or below then skip the remaining steps, can go directly to step 8

Preparing tools :

  • Intel USB Driver for Android ( Download Here )
  • ADB Fastboot Tool (Download Here)

Zenfone 5 Install International WW ROM

  1. Enable USB debugging (Tutorial Here)
  2. Download 2 ROMs Version
    CN Version (Download Here)
    WW Version (Download Here)
  3. Extract two files downloaded above to reads as below:
    UL-ASUS_T00F CN-
    UL-ASUS_T00F WW- entered into the UL-ASUS_T00F-CN-, locate and copy the 4 files: fastboot.img, boot.img, recovery-from-boot.p and install-recovery.sh to ADB folder.
  4. Open install-recovery.sh using notepad, search and change the line “/system/recovery-of-boot.p be /data/local/tmp/recovery-of-boot.p
  5. 2 copy the file recovery-from-boot.p and install-recovery.sh (modifications) to the root folder “/ data / local / tmp”. apk through root explorer access, your Zenfone must be in a state root.
  6. Go to Droidboot, turn off your Zenfone, then press Power + Volume UP (simultaneously).
  7. Plug the Zenfone into the computer, back to the computer click on the folder that has fastboot adb you downloaded above, you must have been a first extract, right click and press shift, select open Command Window Here, then type fastboot devices, there is a sentence not to error, if there was error, it means you Zenfone not connected to computer, then type: fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img (see the Zenfone screen, must reads success). Now reboot your Zenfone and boot normally to the android system.
  8. After booting, go back to your windows computer, still in the CMD screen, the ADB folder type:
    adb shell (press Enter)
    su (press Enter)
    Sh data / local / tmp / install-recovery.sh (press Enter)
  9. Almost complete. Now you are still in CN firmware, you can directly downgrade to CN firmware V.14.40.50. Turn on Airplane mode. Copy “UL-ASUS_T00F-CN-” that has been extracted to the INTERNAL STORAGE. unplug the phone, wait for the update notification appears smpai. If it does not show up update notification, then you must install it via ADB (Tutorial Here).
  10. Repeat step 8, copy the firmware file named WW UL-ASUS_T00F WW- (change the file name of WW into CN). installed as step 8, congratulations now you’ve been on WW firmware

Zenfone 5 Install international WW ROM
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