Asus Zenfone 4: Fix OTG After 4.3.6 Update





  1. Download Zenfone 4 Platform-Tools: 4Shared
  2. Enable USB Debugging in Developer options.How? enable developer options and check usb debugging (Tutorial)
  3. Turn Off HH.
  4. Press and hold power button + volume up + volume down until android green robot.
  5. Connect the USB cable from the PC to Zenfone.
  6. Extract , then enter in the Platform-Tools folder  (there his boot.img).
  7. Still in the Platform-Tools folder, open the Command Prompt (Hold Shift Keyboard + Right Click Mouse).
  8. Type: fastboot flash boot boot.img and press ENTER
  9. Reboot HH (Asus Zefone)
  10. Do it with your own risk (DWYOR) 
  11. Wifi Won’t turn on Fix Tutorial HERE <-need rooted device


Asus Zenfone 4: Fix OTG After 4.3.6 Update | admin | 4.5
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