Asus Zenfone Demo Mode Deactivation

Asus Zenfone Demo Mode Deactivation – Demo mode is a mode where we still can operate the phone as usual, but what I experienced in a demo mode is turned off wifi can not even when it was my turn on the offline mode, even the few times I tried to turn off but it still can not. In addition, in a demo mode Zenfone will automatically play the video tutorials from our hp and it happens repeatedly and is very annoying of course.

How to Disable Demo Mode on an Asus Zenfone after rooting failed. Here are the steps:

Method 1

    1. Press power button to play demo video, then tap screen to the main menu appears. (If the video does not appear, do clear data on root apk Zenfone do root again)
    2. Hold the Back button for more than 10 seconds
    3. Until is shows a page to key in password 741603


  • Wait until factory reset complete


Method 2

Preparing Tool

  • Root Explorer (Download HERE)
  1. Your Zenfone must be Rooted
    • Rooting Zenfone 4 (Tutorial HERE)
    • Rooting Zenfone 5 & 6 (Tutorial HERE)
  2. Install Root Explorer
  3. Open Root Explorer, and then Delete folder APD in directory /root
  4. Reboot your Zenfone
Similarly, How to Disable Demo Mode On Zenfone, hopefully this article useful to you.
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