Asus Zenfone Downgrade Tutorial





Downgrade Tutorial one of solution if you have brick zenfone. credit to 地球新球长

Asus Zenfone must enter fastboot ( droidboot )

  1. ADB Fastboot Tools (Download Here)
  2. Download Fastboot.img ( T00F T00J T00G) Download button at the top = Place it at D:platform-tools
  3. Then ready for an earlier version of the firmware, the inside of fastboot.img extract to the platform-tools (in this tutorial D:platform-tools).
  4. placed firmware under the platform-tools ( Do not extract .zip firmware)
  5. Connect the phone, the phone open to fastboot (droidboot) mode, open a command prompt then type D: and enter then type cd platform-tools then the command prompt characters should be D:platform-tools
  6. then type fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img Enter, wait for command execution finished entering a carriage return after fastboot reboot-bootloader prompt OK, then restart the phone, you can appear a recovery option
  7. Select the recovery option, the phone reboot to recovery mode, press the volume down button, and then select apply update from adb
  8. PC command prompt should now D:platform-tools , Type: adb sideload ( adjust the firmware name you download before). Enter
  9. Patiently wait for the prompt to restart after Complete
Asus Zenfone Downgrade Tutorial
Asus Zenfone Downgrade Tutorial | admin | 4.5
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