ASUSTek Launches Asus Zenfone Series In Russia

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Moscow, July 25, ASUSTek Computer Inc. launched its popular Zenfone smartphone series in Moscow, Russia.. ASUSTtek Chairman Jonney Shih personally demonstrated the series and introduced the interface at a launch ceremony in Moscow.

The Zenfone series (Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6) is already being sold in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and India, and is scheduled to go on sale in Turkey and Brazil later this year, according to Asustek. The low-end Android Zenfone runs on dual-core Intel Atom Z2500 processor.

Asus Zenfone Official Price in Russia/Россия :

  • Zenfone 4 3990p
  • Zenfone 5 6990p
  • Zenfone 6 9990p
ASUSTek Launches Asus Zenfone Series In Russia | admin | 4.5
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