How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone

How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone – Fonts on Zenfone very boring, you want to replace font on Zenfone but you do not understand. At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone to you.How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone is very easy only takes a few minutes. The most important thing your Zenfone must be rooted or have root access. The following is How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone.

DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk)



  1. Your Zenfone must be rooted
    • Root Asus Zenfone 4 (Tutorial HERE)
    • Root Asus Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 (Tutorial HERE)
  2. Instal and then open Root Explorer
  3. Go to the directory Root/System/Fonts and locate the file Roboto-Regular.ttf
  4. Copy file Roboto-Regular.ttf and paste anywhere for backup.
  5. Extract the file has been downloaded.
  6. Open the extracted folder select the file fonts (ttf) according to your taste, Here I use the file Angelina.ttf .
  7. Rename the file Angelina.ttf be Roboto-Regular.ttf 
  8. Copy and paste to Root/System/Fonts change permissions be R-W-R-R
  9. Reboot and enjoy new Font

(You can change all the fonts in the directory Root/System/Fonts but with a lot of risk is certainly one of them BOOTLOOP!)


I am not responsible if something goes wrong when you change the font Asus Zenfone. Make sure to follow the above steps correctly.

Similarly, How to Replace Font Asus Zenfone, if there is less you know about this tutorial please ask us. Hopefully this tutorial can be helpful and useful for you, thank you for visiting Asus Zenfone Blog and wait interesting tutorial from us next.
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