How to Install Xposed On Asus Zenfone

Installing Xposed on Asus Zenfone – For who do not know what it Xposed installer, this application is a tool to install Xposed framework, then what was Xposed framework? Xposed framework is a module that can replace the entire android application system. For example, you can modify Android SystemUI, or modify not innate system.

Install Xposed On Zenfone With PC

Preparing Tools

  • Xposed Installer (Download HERE)
  • ADB Fastboot Tool (Download HERE)
  • Intel USB Driver for Android (Download HERE)

Steps Install Xposed on Asus Zenfone

  1. Install Xposed Installer on your Zenfone.
  2. Do not Install the Framework first.
  3. Install Intel USB Driver on your PC/Laptop
  4. Turn off your Zenfone
  5. Connect your Zenfone with USB cable to your PC/Laptop
  6. Go to Droidboot / Fastboot Mode (pressing Power + Folume Up)
  7. OPEN.cmd in Windows (in the same folder where ADB is located)
  8. Type:
    adb shell (enter)
    su (enter)
    echo 148> /data/data/ (enter)
    chmod 664 /data/data/ (enter)
  9. Open Xposed again, and Install Framework.
  10. Reboot your Zenfone THE MANUALLLLL remember manuall … And DONE !!!!!

Install Xposed Without PC (With Terminal Emulator) 
Your Zenfone must be Rooted

Preparing Tools

  • Xposed Installer (Download HERE)
  • Terminal Emulator (Download HERE)

Instruction Install Xposed On Zenfone

  1. Install Terminal Emulator on Zenfone
  2. Install Xposed Installer
  3. Open Xposed, and then minimize (Home button)
  4. Open Terminal Emulator, type:
    su (enter)
    echo 148> /data/data/ (enter)
    chmod 664 /data/data/ (enter)
  5. Open Xposed again, select Instal/Update
  6. When the SuperSU notification appears, select Grant
  7. Wait until the process is complete and reboot,
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