ViPER4Android to Improve Sound Quality on Zenfone

ViPER4Android to Improve Sound Quality On Zenfone – ViPER4Android is an application of XDA artificial Zhuhang (All credits to him). This application serves to enhance the sound quality of our devices. ViPER4Android is also equipped with various features, so much of me also dizziness if mention all.

At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will are sharing how to Improve Sound Quality of Asus Zenfone to you. But before doing this tutorial Asus Zenfone you must be in a state of rooted, because to run the ViPER4Android app requires root access. Simply follow Improve Sound Quality of Asus Zenfone tutorial bellow.

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File Needed

  • ViPER4Android (Download HERE)
  • IRS Pack (Download HERE)
    Function of IRS is “splitting” sound characteristic of certain devices, please try yourself.

How To Install ViPER4Android

  1.  Your Zenfone amust be Rooted
  2. Install Busybox
  3. Extract files that has been downloaded, you will find 2 files yes it V4A V4A 2.x and 4.x, select the V4A 4.x yes for android version 4 to above.
  4. Extract files IRS Pack, that has been downloaded.
  5. InstallViPER4Android as install APK usual, there will be notification told to update driver, Click OK, then phone reboots itself.
  6. After reboot, move files extract IRS Pack to folder ViPER4Android, If there is no folder ViPER4Android, you create own folder.
  7. Finished, please experimenting, and feel the difference.

Done! The sound output of your Asus Zenfone has improved by leaps and bounds! It is better than most sound enhancer apps out there! Enjoy.

ViPER4Android to Improve Sound Quality on Zenfone | admin | 4.5
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