How to Root Asus Zenfone 5 & 6 KitKat Most Easy

Root Asus Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 KitKat – Previously mentioned can be packaged on a PC running the program on Zenfone 5 and Zenfone6 KitKat version root, these days, spent some time packing Well, here with some simple instructions hope to help the less likely operating adb and fastboot.

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ROOT ZenFone 5 KitKat packages:

ROOT ZenFone 6 KitKat packages:

After extract ROOT package, put the phone to the computer via USB cable (remember to turn on USB debugging) Click CheckBeforeAction.bat, pursuant to the onscreen instructions needed to confirm whether the device has caught

  1. Download and Install Intel USB Driver for Android (Download Here)
  2. Enable USB Debugging (Tutorial Here)
  3. (If there Bluestacks or executive class Genymotion the Android emulator, please remember to turn off so as not to affect the ROOT program)
  4. The first is the ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface, if you have not installed the driver installation screen will appear 🙁 to ZenFone 6 as an example)
  5. Open Device Manager to confirm installation was successful:
  6. Then re-boot into bootloader, then the driver will be installed once 🙁 to ZenFone 6 as an example)

  7. You can open the Device Manager view:
  8. When these two devices appear correctly in the computer, click on Root-ZenFone6-cht.bat (Chinese description) or Root-ZenFone6-en.bat (English description) batch file, follow the instructions to start ROOT program. The phone will reboot several times (about 6 times) after click EnterShell.bat check whether there is a successful ROOT, then the column will pop up a command prompt, you just type su and press Enter, and then to see whether the phone dialog box appears asking permission to some words of congratulations: Success ROOT Hello!

    Just click ROOT permissions you want to lift UnRoot-ZenFone6-cht.bat or ‘UnRoot-ZenFone6-en.bat` can, steps are the same. Currently only tried on Windows 7, so there is a problem .. welcome return.
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