How to Root Zenfone 5 & 6 After Update to KitKat

How to Root Zenfone KitKat – After update to KitKat may you very confused to get root access to your zenfone. Because after updated to KitKat your zenfone will back in no root. At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share How to Root Zenfone 5 & 6 KitKat to you, this way we can be of Shakalaca (all creadit to him).

How to Root Zenfone 5 and 6 KitKat

Method One:

  1. Downgrade version of the previous version to
  2. Enter recovery do a wipe data (factory reset)
  3. Use RootZenFone be root and activate survival mode (RootZenFone 1.5r)
  4. Through Recovery ADB Sideload OTA upgrade to Android KitKat (Tutorial Here)

Method Two:

  1. Phone Bootloader is unlocked through the official app
  2. Brush a third-party recovery
  3. Enter recovery brush root ( SuperSU or SuperUser )
  4. Brush back the original recovery and locked (optional necessarily do)
How to Root Zenfone 5 & 6 After Update to KitKat | admin | 4.5
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