Asus Will Launch Zenfone 2 with Intel Moorefield and Merrifield ?

CES 2015 we are very close distance, ASUS in France on the 12th is also the first to announce that there will be a new stage in the global consumer electronics show.

France on the 12th, it seems that quite a lot of talk ZenFone, but let’s not focus on the numbers, but one called “ZenFone 2” products.

ASUS seems to be determined will publish the next generation of ZenFone at CES 2015, the current approach is not named creative brief to “ZenFone 2” to call it, but there is news that the official name may vary.

According to ASUS, PadFone use Qualcomm Snapdragon (now being ZenFone tightly pressed, a short time should not be a new bar), MeMO Pad using other processors (later changed to the full Intel), and is currently the largest cases of ZenFone series is based on Intel processor based. Only one ZenFone 5 LTE using Qualcomm processor, which is of course because 4G LTE market, but since the sales performance was not as cheap Intel better.

Another Speculation ZenFone 2 will use Intel Atom processor, but I think from the current 22nm Clover Trail + upgrade to the Moorefield Merrifield or two 64 bit SoC products.

As can be seen, ASUS ZenFone still in second generation of “affordable luxury” phrase rather contradictory rhetoric marketing mobile phones, while also made six major features are “design aesthetics”, “camera”, “ZenUI user interface.” “sound”, “operational effectiveness” and “battery hour” as the demands of ZenFone 2.

Published in the CES 2015 the ASUS Keynote, release date, price and style, I believe there will be further in front Keynote answers. If you like ASUS, at the same time like their ZenFone, it would look a little bit.

                                       Intel Merrifield & Moorefield Specs
Intel Atom Z3460 Intel Atom Z3480 Intel Atom Z3560 Intel Atom Z3580
Codename Merrifield Merrifield Moorefield Moorefield
CPU Cores/Threads 2/2 2/2 4/4 4/4
CPU Max Turbo Clock 1.60GHz 2.13GHz 1.80GHz 2.33GHz
GPU PowerVR G6400 PowerVR G6400 PowerVR G6430 PowerVR G6430
Max GPU Clock 533MHz 533MHz 533MHz 533MHz
Both Merrifield and Moorefield are built on Intel’s 22nm SoC process, bringing mobile parity with the rest of Intel’s businesses. The parity won’t last for long in phones as Intel is expecting to begin its 14nm Broadwell later this year but it’s a much better story than it used to be. Merrifield features two Silvermont cores sharing a 1MB L2 cache and running at up to 2.13GHz. Moorefield doubles both core count and cache size, while increasing max frequency to 2.3GHz. Intel continues to follow the industry’s terrible lead and quotes max turbo frequencies rather than base clocks in its marketing materials.
While Intel uses its Gen graphics in Bay Trail, the GPU in both SoCs is still from IMG. Merrifield features the PowerVR Series 6 G6400, while Moorefield uses the G6430. Both are four cluster designs, the latter is just optimized for higher performance. This is roughly the same GPU configuration Apple uses in the iPhone 5s/iPad Air, but at somewhat higher frequencies from what I can tell (and of course, built on Intel’s 22nm process and not Samsung’s 28nm).
Asus Will Launch Zenfone 2 with Intel Moorefield and Merrifield ? | admin | 4.5
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