How to Enable Guest Mode On Zenfone

How to Enable Guest Mode is very useful for those of you who really want privacy on your Zenfone. With you enable guest mode on Zenfone, you do not worry when your girlfriend or parents borrow your zenfone  will know social media that you do not want others to know or personal files that saved.

The point is function of Guest Mode On Zenfone is similar to guest mode on Computer / PC. At this time Asus ZenFone Blog will share How to Enable Guest Mode On Zenfone, following.

Your Zenfone Must Be Rooted


  • Busybox (Download Here)
  • Terminal Emulator (Download Here)
  • Modaco Toolkit (Download Here)


  1. Install Busybox
  2. Install Terminal Emulator
  3. Install Xposed (Tutorial Here)
  4. Install Modaco Toolkit, and activate module
  5. Open Terminal Emulator
    Type:  su (enter)
               setprop fw.max_users 2 (enter)
               pm get-max-users (enter)
               pm create-user guest (enter)
  6. Open Modaco Toolkit, wait until “iwantmore” writing disappear
  7. Select Google Nexus (All)
  8. Checklist Show Users on the power menu
  9. Reboot

How to Deactivate Guest Mode On Zenfone

  1. Open Terminal Emulator
  2. Type: su (enter)
              pm remove-user 1 (enter)

So How to Enable Guest Mode On Zenfone hopefully can maintain your privacy. And I hope this tutorial can be useful for you. I’ll see you on the next post

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