How to Print Directly From Asus Zenfone

How to Print Directly From Asus Zenfone – Now you can print directly from Asus Zenfone which of course you have to install additional applications that can be done either through a wifi network or directly through OTG cable from Zenfone to the printer. There are so many Android applications that have been able to do it, one of the google cloud print that you can utilize to print a file of android. But at this time Asus Zenfone Blog will focus on so that you can print files directly from Zenfone with OTG cable using PrintShare applications.


  • OTG cable
  • Install PrintShare (Download Here)
  • Printer

Instruction Print Directly From Asus Zenfone:

  • Install Printshare on your Zenfone
  • Plug your OTG cable and Printer USB
  • Open Printshare and select printer
  • Choose Nearby-USB
  • Scan for Printer and choose it
  • Select file (in this tutorial, i choose documents)
  • Select docx file
  • Ready to Print and press print button
  • Success
How to Print Directly From Asus Zenfone | admin | 4.5
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