How to Set Up Your Profile In Zenfone

Set Up Profile In Zenfone is a way to add personal information and photos on your zenfone, but sometimes not everyone will know, especially if you are new to Asus ZenFone. Perhaps setting up a profile in your old android phone is different from How to Set Up Profile In Zenfone.

At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share How to Set Up Profile In Zenfone to you, the following.

Steps Set Up Your Profile In Zenfone

  1. Launch the Contacts app then tap Set up my profile or ME.
    NOTE: ME appears when you’ve set up your Google account on your Zenfone device.
  2. Fill in your info such as mobile or home number. To add other info, tap Add another field.
  3. When you’ve completed your info, tap Done. To view your profile info, swipe down from the top

right of your screen to launch the Quick settings panel, then tap the button with your name on it.

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