Asus Confirm New Model Zenfone Z007 (ZC451CG)

Asus Confirm New Model Zenfone Z007 (ZC451CG) – Confirm model ZC451CG, ASUS Zenfone “Z007” new smartphone from asus appeared at Certification WebsiteASUS smartphone codenamed Z007 can confirm the model to determine why.

In the 16th, Taiwan NCC Certification site appears codenamed Z007’s ASUS ZenFone, however, until today, we can finally confirm the exact model of this smartphone.

ASUS Z007 exact model ZC451CG, belongs to China ASUS responsible products, but appeared in Taiwan NCC certification repository, presumably the future will be sold in the Taiwan market.

In describing exposure certification Web site, you can know ZC451CG screen size is 4.5 inches, and its resolution is at 860 x 480. As for the processor part, will continue to use the Intel Atom dual-core products, with 1GB of memory and a 2100mAh battery capacity.

Lens is 5MP and 0.3MP, this one seems to be no change.

This is a comparison of the China version probably felt electricity becomes 2100
The same 4.5-inch A450CG As A500CG just before 1750 is 2110
That means that the next generation is approaching 4.5 power consumption and perhaps the current 5-inch 5.5-inch to 6-inch version can approximate power should be no small progress

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