Asus Teases New Zenfone With Dual Camera Setup, for CES 2015

Asus Teases New Zenfone With Dual Camera Setup, for CES 2015 – Asus has started teasing the new hardware it’s bringing to CES 2015, starting with at least one new Zenfone model. A brief, 10-second video teaser has been posted to the official Asus Facebook page, along with the tagline, “See what others can’t see.” It doesn’t give much away, but does make us wonder what the company has in store for the Las Vegas show.

The video starts by showing a slowly rotating phone, revealing a complex rear panel, without going into much detail. Pause the footage, and it’s possible to get a closer look. What could be a dual-LED flash sits above a single camera lens, while below it there are two more vertically stacked sensors, buttons, or something else. Pause the video at two other key moments, and the dual-LED flash is shown in close-up, along with its position in relation to the camera lens.

Pictures of the new Zenfone camera


A more detailed picture of the teases video of the 2nd.

What could the other parts be? There’s a possibility they have something to do with the camera setup. For example, HTC has used a second sensor on the HTC One M8, allowing the depth of field to be adjusted after a photo has been taken, and Huawei has placed two camera lenses on the Honor 6 Plus, to produce sharper looking images.

However, while this would fit in with the “See what others can’t see” tagline – which it also uses for the currently Pixelmaster-equipped Zenfone range – it would be equally applicable to the addition of the dual-LED flash. Perhaps the mysterious parts on the Zenfone are nothing to do with the camera, and are in fact buttons, like the LG G3. The full-length shot of the new Zenfone also shows what could be an Intel logo, indicating like the original phones, the 2015 Zenfone will also use an Intel chip.

There are still two weeks to go before CES 2015, and Asus may reveal more ahead of the big show. We’ll keep you updated.

Asus Teases New Zenfone With Dual Camera Setup, for CES 2015 | admin | 4.5
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