Asus Zenfone: How to Keep Root After OTA Update

How to Keep Root After OTA Update – You’ll usually lose your root access when you install an operating system update. The OTA update sets your Android system partition back to its factory state, removing the su binary. You do not have to wonder anymore because at this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share How to Keep Root After OTA Update On Zenfone to you.

Why You Lose Root
Android is based on Linux, so Android devices come with a “root” user that functions like the Administrator user account on Windows. By default, Android doesn’t give you access to the root account. Rooting is the process of enabling access to the root account, installing the su binary. Applications can call su to gain elevated privileges, so they can break free from Android’s security sandbox and do more powerful things. Android doesn’t come pre-rooted because of the security problems this could lead to, especially for less technically inclined users.

How to Keep ROOT After OTA Update

That is by activating a “OTA Survival Mode” on your Zenfone using RootZenfone APK and SuperSU Pro, here’s how to enable survival mode using RootZenfone and SuperSU Pro.

RootZenfone APK

Attention :

  • If the firmware on your Zenfone still on Android Jellybean you can use RootZenfone APK to rooting Zenfone you.
  • But if you’ve done Firmware update to Android KitKat, your Zenfone must berooted and then install RootZenfone APK.
Instructions :
  1. Download RootZenfone in HERE.
  2. Install and Open RootZenfone
  3. Check Survival Mode On / Off (Click Activate)

  4. Result

  5. Done, now OTA Survival Mode is active on your Zenfone.

SuperSU Pro APK


  1. Download SuperSU Pro at Play Store
  2. Install and open SuperSU Pro
  3. Tap Settings menu
  4. Tick the Survival Mode

  5. Done.
 Similarly, How to Keep Root After OTA Update, hopefully this tutorial can be useful and helpful to you. Thank you for visiting Asus Zenfone Blog, and wait another interesting tutorial from us.
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