List of Xposed Modules Working On Asus Zenfone

List Xposed Modules Working On Asus Zenfone – Because Asus ZenFone using the Intel Atom chipset then not all Xposed modules  work on Zenfone, at this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share the List Xposed Modules Working On Asus Zenfone to you.

If you still do not understand How to Install Xposed On Asus Zenfone (Tutorial HERE)

List Xposed Modules Working On Asus Zenfone

1. GravityBox (JB) / (KK)
GravityBox is a module that allows you to tweak your phone’s interface according to your preference. So in effect, you are able to get your phone to look like a custom ROM, when in reality you’re still on your preferred ROM.
Download: GravityBox Module for JellyBean (Download HERE)
GravityBox Module for KitKat (Download HERE)

2. Greenify
Greenify so popular in Android users because a function of Module Greenify ie hibernation applications that run automatically or applications that have been used but you have not turn off, so that performance of RAM can be optimal.
Download: Greenify Module (Download HERE)

3. Unicon
Unicon is just one of those magic modules. You can use it to apply icon packs to your stock launcher instead of installing a third party launcher like Nova or Apex and then installing your themes there. Made by the developer Wanam, Unicon is definitely one application I would like to have on my phone.
Download: Unicon Module (Download HERE)

4. App Settings
App Settings is a module that allow you mod targets settings which all apps share, such as the language, what permissions they require, what is the DPI for rendering, the perceived screen size (which affects the alternate resources that are loaded) and allows you to change those values on a per-app basis.
Download: App Settings Module (Download HERE)

5. Akwayan
Akwayan or BBM Themes Engine is an application that can be used to modify some parts related with your BBM application looks like. The magic need Xposed Framework made by rovo89 installed and working properly.
Download: Akwayan Module (Download HERE)

6. XuiMod
XuiMod is the most Xposed module uses to modify the appearance of the user interface on android.
Download: XuiMod Module (Download HERE)

7. OMzen
OMzen module its function for mod systemUI in Zenfone, like mod status bar, icons, etc. actually OMzen is a module for Zenfone 4, at the Zenfone 5, and Zenfone 6 merely changing the layout in the statusbar and make blur Quick Settings.
Download: OmZen Module (Download HERE)

Similarly, List Xposed Modules Working On Asus Zenfone, if you have a Xposed Module that’s not listed or working for you and want to contribute, please post at the comment box below. Cheers!

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