Zenfone Custom Kernel: ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL -V6

Asus Zenfone Custom Kernel – The Kernel it’s the core of the operating system that handles requests to and from the hardware, memory and process management and all the low-level stuff that is necessary for Android to be able to run.

At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will share Zenfone Custom Kernel: ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL -V6 to you. With using a ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL you will feel the change in your Asus ZenFone ie Improved  Battery, Improved Smoothness in Transition, Improved Frequency Scaling, Improved Deep Sleep Battery Saving, and more.

Before we share to you the first we would like say thanks to Vipin Arumugham (all creadit to him) who have made this Zenfone Custom Kernel (ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL).


  • Zenfone 501CG/T00J and 500CG/T00F with WW Firmware
  • and WW Kitkat Version
  • AOSP ROM by Shakalaca
  • Custom Rom Zenfone 5 PinasLang BazzROM

Features of the “ZenfoneIndia2X-4X Kernel V.6

    1. 2 CPU cores are switched off when screen is off instead of 3 cores but CPU boostpulse has been reduced for better deep sleep.
    2. By Default 2 CPU Cores are disabled with minor loss in performance.Use this mode for Browsing ,Whatsapp, facebook, music,messenger apps etc apps which don’t   need heavy processing.
      • Games are still running smoothly.
      • Camera works. (HDR MODE needs 4 cores)
    3. You can manually activate 4 CPU cores for higher performance.*NEW CHANGES*- “HOW TO SWITCH BETWEEN 2 CORES AND 4 CORES” To enable and disable 4 cores :
      Turn off screen and wake up after 3 seconds (DO IT TWICE)

      [ eg: Turn off screen and wake up after 3 seconds…
      ..Turn off screen again and wake up again after 3 seconds ]

      – 4 cores get enabled after you do the above. If you repeat the same process it
      comes back to 2 cores.

       In 4 cores mode: When screen is on 4 cores are active, Screen off sleeps to 2 cores in low
      CPU boostpulse mode. But it always wakes to 4 core mode.

      In 2 cores mode: When screen is on 2 cores are active, Screen off sleeps to 2 cores in low
      CPU boostpulse mode and wakes to 2 cores only.

      **The above is to prevent any accidental activation or deactivation of cores.**

      • Do it before starting heavier apps or games if needed.
      • Don’t do it while heavy apps/games are already running.
      • If you switch off screen again it sleeps to 2 cores but will always wake up to 4 cores until you disable 4 core mode.


  1. Stability issues and hanging issues of version 5 fixed. SD CARD issue fixed.The boot up process and bootanimation is slow. Switch off screen once after the boot up process to remove any lag.KEEP GOVERNOR as INTERACTIVE if you have rooted your device. Uninstall CPU controlling apps and reboot. Xposed modules and gravity box may interfere with the smooth function.

    Results :

    • Improved battery backup.
    • Better Deep sleep battery saving.
    • Better CPU core switching.
    • Slight loss in performance.


*known issue – Boots up slowly and lags after boot. After boot up please turn off screen and turn on back and it should will be fine.

Download zip file to PC from link below and flash KERNEL to Zenfone5 . Zip file has help file with instructions.

You can revert to stock Asus Kernel. Its present in the Zip files and process mentioned in Readthishelpfilefirst.txt. Flashing stock kernel as mentioned in the files will lock bootloader


Download ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL-V6

ZenfoneIndia2X-4X V6 for WW version
Download Link: https://adf.ly/w8VXJ
Mirror Link: https://adf.ly/w8VpH

ZenfoneIndia2X-4X V6 for WW version
Download Link: https://adf.ly/w8W9a
Mirror Link: https://adf.ly/w8WIy

Do it at your own risk!

All processes like rooting, flashing custom kernel etc can void warranty. Please do it at your own risk. The Kernel creator is not responsible for any damage to your device. Zip file also contains stock Asus KERNEL which can be flashed back in case you want to.

Zenfone Custom Kernel: ZenfoneIndia2X-4X KERNEL -V6 | admin | 4.5
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