[ROM] CyanogenMod 13 for Asus ZenFone 2 (Z00A / Z008)

CM13 for ZenFone 2 is not an official release, but this ROM is based on CyanogenMod 13 released by CyanogenMod team few months ago. At this time Asus Zenfone Blog will are sharing CM13 custom ROM for Zenfone 2 (Z00A/Z008) to you. Yet we don’t recommend to use this as your daily driver as it is in its alpha stage with several bugs and maybe cause random problems but it’s a huge steps to further development. But if you want to try CyanogenMod 13 custom ROM on your Zenfone 2 (Z00A/Z008) then we will be providing a full guide on How to Install CM13 on Zenfone 2 below.

Before we share it Custom ROM to you, first we want to say thanks to jrior001 XDA user who has made a ROM CyanogenMod 13 for ZenFone 2 and share with us. Immediately following download link and How to Install CyanogenMod 13 On Zenfone 2, follow the tutorial below properly and do not let anyone missed steps.

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Known Bugs

  • Audio is a little weird in Real Racing 3.
  • Miracast displays are broken
  • Some apps that are incorrectly packaged for x86 but magically work on stock do not work in CM (package manager sometimes installs x86 libs when it needs arm libs)
  • Selinux enforcing mode
  • SIM 2 cannot be disabled
  • USB UMS (Mass Storage) – Killed off for now, MTP works just fine

Guide to Install CyanogenMod 13 in ZenFone 2

Files Needed:

  • Intel USB Drivers for Android (Download HERE)
  • ADB Fastboot Tool (Download HERE)
  • And some more, which will be mentioned below


  1. Your ZenFone 2 must be unlock bootloader, steps are there for unlocking (Tutorial HERE)
  2. After unlocking, install TWRP Recovery on your ZenFone 2 (Tutorial HERE)
  3. Download CyanogenMod 13 for ZenFone 2
    • for Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML (Z00A) (Download HERE)
    • for Asus ZenFone 2 ZE550ML (Z008) (Download HERE)

    (Note: see the date of the build to know the latest version)

  4. Download the Google Apps addon package (Download HERE) choose x86 gapps
  5. After downloading both zip, place both CM13.0.zip and Gapps.zip in your MicroSD
  6. Now power off, Once it is off, hold down the volume up button and hold on to the power button until the phone vibrates. After the vibration stops, release the power button and continue pressing the volume up button until the green Android robot appears. You should see a blue line below saying “Waiting Fastboot command“, Now here click vol down till you see Recovery mode in top big rectangle box, click power button.
  7. It will enter TWRP, first take the backup of ur current OS (tick everything), so you can restore if u want to use stock at some point (even the apps will be there, but if you kept the obb, data in internal, it will be wiped,so better copy android folder to PC).
  8. Now click wipe,click advanced wipe, select everything except the microsd (be careful), if you want to keep the internal files, then untick internal storage also.
  9. Click the install, choose externalSD, search for those zip,and install CM13.0.zip, then install Gapps.zip and then reboot your ZenFone 2.
  10. Enjoy the CyanogenMod 13 in ZenFone 2.

Thus enough of CyanogenMod 13 Custom ROM for Zenfone 2 from ours, I hope this tutorial can be useful to you. Thanks you are visiting Asus Zenfone Blog and wait another useful tutorial like CyanogenMod 13 for Zenfone 2.

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