How to Optimize Battery And RAM On ASUS Zenfone 2

In this article, I will guide and give some tricks to optimize battery and RAM on ASUS Zenfone 2  for those who think this article is important enough. Even though I have no zenfone 2, but I ever hands on this device and knew some things related to this device such as its RAM, problem, advantage and disadvantage of this device.

Let’s define this device if you want to know some things, I can say this device in indeed cool as well. I tried to hands on zenfone 2 with 2 GB RAM, and it felt so cool. What made me felt weird when I tried to open its menu, I was wondering how come this device reminds 300 MB of its RAM while it has no game. You know, my zenfone 2 reminds 1 GB of RAM, and both of them have 2 GB RAM. What’s wrong to zenfone 2?

While I am still wondering, I checked it on Google, and yes I found some issues about this device. Even in social media I got news that this device complaint ASUS because its RAM lies them.

I think this is not my problem because my device is not this device, but I decided to promise myself that I have to find out the method to solve it.

That was about RAM, let’s discuss about its battery. I can’t deny that my zenfone 5 battery is wasteful and this occurs on zenfone 2 though it has bigger capacity. It means you have to find out the best method to solve this to make your battery is saving. Let’s read the following article to optimize zenfone 2 with our tips and tricks.

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How to optimize RAM on ASUS Zenfone 2

  1. Always boost your RAM via quick settings to boost memory on your device.
  2. Install necessary application and game, and always uninstall it if you think you won’t open it anymore.
  3. Use browser as alternative or if you want to save your internet package you may use operamini. This is for browsing on internet.
  4. Do not use live wallpaper or animation on your device causes it takes your RAM larger.
  5. Install some applications such as:
    • Greenify Hibernation
      This application runs as background on our device. It is similar to Titanium, but you can still use the application you freeze.
    • Titanium Backup & Link2SD
      These 2 applications can freeze unimportant applications. Freeze application makes it safer than uninstall the application.
    • LagFix
      This application can repair block in your internal memory thorugh fstrim tool.
    • Seeder
      It reduce lagging on your device if you get lag and hang when you operate your android zenfone 2.

How to optimize battery on ASUS Zenfone 2

  1. Use 3G network the only for 1 simcard and the rest use 2G network. This makes your battery safer than before.
  2. Turn off auto brightness and set brightness in the dark position. Activate brigthness helps you to see the screen in any condition, but by activating this will automatically makes your battery runs dry.
  3. Set wallpaper with dark display can help you to make your battery safer than before. If you set the wallpaper with many colors, actually it takes the battery stronger.
  4. Use ASUS ultra saving on your device will help the battery more saving.
  5. Turn off auto sync and location.
  6. Root your device and set its CPU (Root ZenFone 2 Tutorial).

That’s all about this article. I hope this article can help zenfone 2 user to optimize their device. If you think this article is useful you may share this on the social media. If you have any question related to this article you can leave comment bellow.

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