Leaked ASUS Teaser Points to ZenFone 4V Reveal On Sep. 21st

A lately leaked ASUS teaser appears to be pointing to a ZenFone 4V expose on September 21st, set to take place in Rome, Italy. Although leaks not always what they seem to be, the picture of what looks like of two smartphones matched together to form a “v” frame would suggest that this is a meant to get people energized for a new handset, and the v shape is what makes for the valid possibility that the Asus ZenFone 4V is what ASUS is trying to get people passionate about.

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The Asus ZenFone 4V teaser was originally posted on Twitter though it appears now that the tweet has been removed, so perhaps it was posted cause of an error or the decision was made to delete it because leaked. In another case, anything has been posted on the internet it’s not always easy to get rid of it, even if you remove what you think are the last pieces of the content, therefore the image above. The Asus ZenFone 4V teaser appears to be a call that was meant to be sent out to attendees, showing people to “Frame The Date,” that would seem to suggest that the new Asus ZenFone 4V will be “focusing” on the camera as the main component of the smartphone’s features. The call also says to “Take A Walk On The Wide Side,” that is likely hinting at the use of a wide-angle lens technology for both the main camera on the rear or the front-facing camera (second camera), that would make more sense as the front camera is what’s usually used for selfies, and a wide-angle lens is useful for such goals.

How good of a camera the smartphone will have is still unclear, but the device is reported to come with a 12-MP front camera and a 16-MP rear camera. The Asus ZenFone 4V and a number of other ZenFone 4 models have lately surfaced as being certified for use with any Google Services, so if the 21st of September is a planned date for the unveil of the new ZenFone 4V, it’s likely that ASUS will also be revealing the other models of the ZenFone 4 as well, that would include the ZenFone 4 Selfie, the new ZenFone 4 Max, the new ZenFone 4 Pro, and the ZenFone 4 standard variant. For now, there isn’t a whole lot of more information on what ASUS has planned, but more details could pop up before now and the date listed on the call.

Leaked ASUS Teaser Points to ZenFone 4V Reveal On Sep. 21st | admin | 4.5
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