How Does ZenFone 3 Compare To iPhone 7?

If we’re to believe some of the rumors coming out of the tech industry for the season ahead, the iPhone 8 is coming this fall. There also still seems to be a small chance it will actually be called the iPhone X in honor of its tenth anniversary. Either way, it looks like we’re just around the corner from a major new smartphone that will likely set a new standard for design. That will probably mean that Samsung and other companies will have to make some adjustments to keep up with whatever features Apple rolls out for the big occasion. It may make comparisons between devices difficult for a year or two—not because the iPhone will necessarily be better, but because it’s expected to be different.

iPhone 7

That makes now a good time to reflect on a basic question for fans of Asus devices. How does the third generation Asus ZenFone 3 compare to the iPhone 7?

Size & Build

The ZenFone 3 is an interesting size in that it’s slightly larger than the regular iPhone 7, providing a some extra weight (17 grams according to one side-by-side comparison) that some customers appreciate. It’s nice to have a slightly larger mobile without having to upgrade to the iPhone 7 Plus, which is unofficially in the “phablet” category. The screen is larger on the ZenFone 3, and takes up a greater proportion of the total face of the phone (70.6 percent to 65.6 percent). The build, however, is not as strong or secure on the ZenFone 3. One of the iPhone 7’s biggest features upon release, which was designed to help the line keep up with Samsung, was resistance to dust and certain durations of time underwater. The ZenFone 3 has no such protections.

Camera Quality

The iPhone 7 has about as good a camera as you can find on a smartphone, and covers pretty much every feature (like front- and rear-facing cameras, video shooting) equally impressively. The ZenFone 3 doesn’t quite go as far, but in the areas it does focus on it actually matches up about evenly. It lacks the 60fps video quality for 1080p resolution, and it doesn’t include automatic optical image stabilization. But in most other respects its cameras are identical to those of the iPhone 7. It even features a 16 Megapixel main camera to the iPhone 7’s 12 MPs.


This is the area in which the phones may be most equal, given that ZenFone 3 operates on Android 6.0.1. This gives it access to the newest and best gaming apps, as well as the latest trends in mobile gaming. One such trend is that existing online casinos are moving to mobile platforms that are downloadable on both iPhone and Android devices alike. Naturally, that means ZenFone 3 users have access to this newly expanding genre. Another trend is that Nintendo is slowly but surely dipping its toes into mobile. Though this movement started alongside the release of the iPhone 7, the flagship game Super Mario Run eventually made its way to Android (and therefore to ZenFone 3). In access, processing quality and general gameplay, ZenFone 3 is on par with the iPhone 7.


This is an easier category to compare. The ZenFone 3 has a 3000 mAh battery to the iPhone 7’s 1960 mAh. Beyond the simple numbers, however, the ZenFone 3 has been praised across the board for its robust battery life. It lasts longer on a full charge than most of its counterparts.

Memory & Storage

This is another area in which the iPhone 7 has a clear advantage, though not necessarily a significant one for some users. The built-in storage for both devices is 32 GB, and the RAM is comparable (though ZenFone 3 actually has a 3 GB to 2 GB advantage). With a max capacity of 256 GB, however, the iPhone 7’s potential for storage dwarfs that of the ZenFone 3, at 160 GB.

Ultimately it’s probably fair to say that the iPhone 7 is the more complete of the two devices. But the Asus ZenFone 3 is closer than some might assume, making it an ideal option for those unwilling to make the move to Apple. It’s something worth keeping in mind as Apple moves toward its next redesign.

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